Tesco Application Form

Applying for a job at Tesco is similar to doing this for any other company. You will need to get the application form to start with. You may be doing this from a local job advertisement where you may need to telephone someone and ask for it to be sent or through an agency, who will send it to you. Some higher level jobs may just need a CV or resume, but you will be informed, if this is the case.

Application forms can be boring, but you need to make sure that this is not the message that comes across when you have completed it. Make sure that you read it all through first and then draft out some answers. It can be tempting to just rush on and answer the questions that you can do. However, unless you have read them all, you may put answers to later questions in boxes for earlier ones and then end up repeating yourself. You also need to make sure that you write enough, but not too much, including all of the relevant information needed.

When answering the questions, make sure that you continue to include information that is relevant to Tesco as well as the specific role that you are applying for. Carefully link in your skills so that they can understand what you can offer to the job and the company.

It is good to have a night’s sleep after drafting out the answers and then write them up properly. Let someone else read them and then copy them on to the form. Leave yourself plenty of time so that you can keep it looking neat. Make sure that you proof read the form. It is better if you have a few mistakes corrected on it, than if you have mistakes on there which have not been corrected.

application formIt is important to get the application in on time. Make sure that you are well aware of the closing date and that the form is posted so that it reaches them a few days before. Then if it is delayed it should still be there on time. If it is a local job, you may be able to hand it in personally and this could be a good idea, as it will ensure it gets there. Make sure that it is in an envelope that is the right size and neatly addressed.

You can download Tesco application form here however the company is only accepting online applications. Visit tesco-careers.com.


  1. Aymen Muhsen says

    i am currently 15 years old however i am turning 16 on April 3rd 2014 and i really want to work in Tesco. I am a passionate and a hard working student which loves to communicate and socialize with different people. I hope you send me an email and you return to me as soon as possible because i am really passionate and serious about this job.

    Thank you very much.

    Aymen Muhsen

  2. Dawn Riley says

    I am interested in anything you might be able to offer me part time only.
    I have no experience in anything but sewing machining,but I am willing to learn. I would like cleaning preferably but anything would do.

  3. Bradley Harrison says

    I am an 18 year old student in desperate need of a part time job. I have no experience but learn things very easily. I am easy going and have no problem communicating with others. I will always work hard and stay focused on tasks that I am given.

    Thankyou, hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Rosalind Gibbins says

    Hello, I am trying to download an application form in order to apply for a position at your store in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
    I have been unable to secure a form at this present moment in time.
    I will visit your store in person and try to secure one.
    I am looking for employment as customer service assistant. I have worked in retail situation previously meeting customers face to face on a regular basis.
    I hope very much to hear from you in the near future.

    Thank you

  5. Marcelle Thompson says

    I’m 45 yes old. I have been a receptionist for a year and have worked in public houses since i was 14 both here and in London. I enjoy dealing with costumers and getting on with Co workers. I have never worked in a shop but I know how 2 take stock, arrange on shelves as to their dates etc. I can work tills and basically willing to learn wot ever is needed

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