Tesco Application Form

Applying for a job at Tesco is similar to doing this for any other company. You will need to get the application form to start with. You may be doing this from a local job advertisement where you may need to telephone someone and ask for it to be sent or through an agency, who will send it to you. Some higher level jobs may just need a CV or resume, but you will be informed, if this is the case.

Application forms can be boring, but you need to make sure that this is not the message that comes across when you have completed it. Make sure that you read it all through first and then draft out some answers. It can be tempting to just rush on and answer the questions that you can do. However, unless you have read them all, you may put answers to later questions in boxes for earlier ones and then end up repeating yourself. You also need to make sure that you write enough, but not too much, including all of the relevant information needed.

When answering the questions, make sure that you continue to include information that is relevant to Tesco as well as the specific role that you are applying for. Carefully link in your skills so that they can understand what you can offer to the job and the company.

It is good to have a night’s sleep after drafting out the answers and then write them up properly. Let someone else read them and then copy them on to the form. Leave yourself plenty of time so that you can keep it looking neat. Make sure that you proof read the form. It is better if you have a few mistakes corrected on it, than if you have mistakes on there which have not been corrected.

application formIt is important to get the application in on time. Make sure that you are well aware of the closing date and that the form is posted so that it reaches them a few days before. Then if it is delayed it should still be there on time. If it is a local job, you may be able to hand it in personally and this could be a good idea, as it will ensure it gets there. Make sure that it is in an envelope that is the right size and neatly addressed.

You can download Tesco application form here however the company is only accepting online applications. Visit tesco-careers.com.

  • Aymen Muhsen

    i am currently 15 years old however i am turning 16 on April 3rd 2014 and i really want to work in Tesco. I am a passionate and a hard working student which loves to communicate and socialize with different people. I hope you send me an email and you return to me as soon as possible because i am really passionate and serious about this job.

    Thank you very much.

    Aymen Muhsen

    • http://teacoapplicatiknform.com Jesse

      I am looking for fully one work available any hours

  • Dawn Riley

    I am interested in anything you might be able to offer me part time only.
    I have no experience in anything but sewing machining,but I am willing to learn. I would like cleaning preferably but anything would do.

  • Bradley Harrison

    I am an 18 year old student in desperate need of a part time job. I have no experience but learn things very easily. I am easy going and have no problem communicating with others. I will always work hard and stay focused on tasks that I am given.

    Thankyou, hope to hear from you soon.

    • http://tesco zahee abbas

      i’m looking for job. i hope you have lots job

  • Rosalind Gibbins

    Hello, I am trying to download an application form in order to apply for a position at your store in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
    I have been unable to secure a form at this present moment in time.
    I will visit your store in person and try to secure one.
    I am looking for employment as customer service assistant. I have worked in retail situation previously meeting customers face to face on a regular basis.
    I hope very much to hear from you in the near future.

    Thank you

  • http://tescoapplicatonfrom.com romario barker


  • Marcelle Thompson

    I’m 45 yes old. I have been a receptionist for a year and have worked in public houses since i was 14 both here and in London. I enjoy dealing with costumers and getting on with Co workers. I have never worked in a shop but I know how 2 take stock, arrange on shelves as to their dates etc. I can work tills and basically willing to learn wot ever is needed

  • Natalie Donnelly

    Hi im a 26 year old mother of 2, in need of a job. IM extremely hard working ,highly motivated and have some experience but i am willing to learn, i would be looking for part time work and any time suits. Thank you very much.

  • Manimegalai

    Hi ,is dis mani I vll b lke cultured sensable n lightheartd so esaygng wid other I would lik to work in Tesco bcoz it’s a dream shop for me I’m in Southwick so,i quiet vel knew abt d creative n interior of d shop it’s very pleasure to b part in Tesco I completed my off licence n I would lik to work any position .If I chosen for holmbush centre shop. It’s a big help to me n working for past 4 yrs in premier (off licence ) shop as cashier
    Thank u so much

  • sandeep

    I am very interested to do work at Tesco.

  • sandeep

    plz,give me job.I am honest,hard work and friendly person.

  • beth fowler

    Hi, I’ve currently left college I am 17 turning 18 in April I am now looking for a job which requires anything, I have already had good experience with customer service in past jobs, I have a lot of experience for a lot of things.

  • http://google julianny abreu

    Hi am 23 years old I speak three languages english italian and spanish and love customer service and a chance to work in lovely team working company as retail service please get back to me in case of jon near in london

  • Phillip Dunne

    hi im looking for full time employment in portsmouth, i worked for you over 25 years ago in sutton surrey, i left on good terms, i have worked for asda for 3 years on the cctv and shopfloor in wallington surrey, but moved to portsmouth, 10 years ago, so plz if anything comes up plz contact me thanks

  • Esther Conteh

    I am 43 years old and I’ve worked in childcare for the past five years .my previous profession has helped greatly in my communication skills and team work . I’ve never worked in retail before but will assure that I will do all my best to learn and bring to the company the skills that I’ve already acquired .

  • taseef reehman

    this is a load of bull

  • Craig

    I am 16 years on I need a part time job like getting shopping for other people I have no experience working on till

  • http://tescoapplicationform.com sonja

    hi I am 18years old and I am looking for work I am in need for a job and willing to work please give me a email if I have chance thankyou

  • Hala Hamza

    Hello, I’m interested in any thing you might be able to offer me part time. I worked in a shop ,i know how to take stock ,arrange on shelves i can work tills and basically willing to learn what ever is needed

  • Natasha Kavanagh

    Hi Tesco
    I have taken an interest in working with your company as a Customer Assistant/
    nights at your Streatham Store in London. I like to take this opportunity in applying for this
    vacancy. I have a passion in working and socialising with all kinds of people. I also have experience in retail shop work and a excellent track record and good communication skills

  • http://Tesco Patricia Anne Mole

    Just enquiring about cleaning and shelf fillers in Stourport or Kidderminster




    i was wondering if if you have got any any shef filling or cleaning vacancies in kidderminsterI

  • Giorgia king

    I am 16 years old and i am at college 3 days a week(wednesday, thursday and friday) and i am looking for a part time job. I am willing to work evenings and weekends. I have no experience but i am a quick learner and will be dedicated to the job. Thankyou.

  • mariama


  • Paul Bartlett

    I would very much like to work at Tesco, preferably in the kitchen area, if you would give me an email if there are any vacancies in this area and I will be more than happy to send my cv via email.

  • kiara

    i am 15 years old and need to start earning myself some money instead of depending on my parents. I am able to do weekends and any hours in the week after 5 as of me being in school still

  • Connor Cosgrove

    I’m 16 years old looking for a part time job

  • chloe

    Hi I am 15 , 16 in April 2015 from Liverpool and am a passionate young lady with great qualifications I do my best to strive for the best and have great communication and teamwork skills I am always happy to help and I have a national insurance number too. Thanks

  • Amar Hussain

    I would love to work in tesco

  • alois bango

    I would like to work full time in tesco at oxford road

  • http://outlook sofia ali

    I am 16 years old and and i am looking for a part time job. I am willing to work evenings and weekends.

  • http://outlook sofia ali

    I’m 18 years old I’m punctual, reliable and friendly

  • Tatjana

    Hello I’m 24 years old.I’m interested full time job night shift or day shift,store assistant. I have experience in these positions, I willing to learn more and more. I am a passionate and a hard working,communicate with different people. I’m a very kind, friendly and fun. I’m active in my approach to work. I think I’m right person for this job. Thank you.

  • Jaime

    I am 18 years old and i am currently looking for a part time job. I recently worked in Whsmith’s for 3months. I go college 3 days a week, Wednesday Thursday and Friday but i am available any other day. I am willing to do any job roles in tesco, So i hope you get back to me. thankyou.

  • marian gina

    hello i looking fo some work in tessco
    and i looking fo any hours if you have any job fo me just
    let me now on my gmail thank you so match

  • Kayleigh

    Hi I’m 17 looking for work I’m a hard worker love to try new thing never give up

  • Jodie

    hi my name is Jodie I’m 18 years old, I’m currently looking for work I am willing to work any days of the week and at weekends mainly shelf stacking or cleaning I live in Shoeburyness so I need something close can you give me an email thankyou

  • http://one.lt Egle

    hi I am 19years old and I am looking for work I am in need for a job and willing to work please give me a email if I have chance thankyou

  • Allison

    i have seventeen years experience in retail worked nightshifts , early morning, plus dayshifts . Im trained in petrol station , online shopping, kiost and lottery trained also till trained .

  • kuldip

    Hello I m working in a shop now I want a job in your store present job’s income is low for me .please give a chance to me.
    Thanks in your waiting

  • Shakil

    Hi, there
    I am looking for a Tesco extra job.
    I’m hard work, reliable, flexible and IT leatrat. I’ll be able to work anytime I have experience of working bit store assistance inside store.
    Thank you

  • victoria

    im currently looking for a job in the retail industry.i am 17 years old and
    i have recently passed my level 1 in retail at rathbone (ashton).

  • Jamila

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interest in working at Tesco as a Customer Assistant in Birmingham. I like to take this opportunity in applying for this vacancy. I have a passion in working and socialising with all kinds of people. I also have experience in cashier assistant at shop work and an excellent track record and good communication skills.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

  • http://tescoapplicationform.com/tesco-application-form/ Cicilio

    I am 30 years old, I have experience in supermarket: replacement, customer service and warehouse, having a large experience in warehouse supervising, and I used to work as deliverer. I am looking for job in replacement, warehouse or delivering, can be part time, full time and Im able for shifts.

  • caulincouling

    iwould like to sent a cv to you